Bedford to Nostrand

LexingtonBlock_Emily Hlavac Green05

   The annual block party in the height of summer when the fire hydrants open up, there’s a DJ and a dance contest, kids fire water balloons into the air thick with barbecue smoke in the afternoon light.

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An Edible adventure to Magic Mountain


I’m up late Friday night making little foil packages of salt and pepper and squeezing condiments into tiny bottles. For a fleeting moment it feels like it’s Christmas Eve and I’m prepping milk and cookies for Santa.

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Hunt for the Wilderness


Moving to New York City I didn’t imagine many Saturday nights in a mountain top shelter in a thunderstorm. But sometimes you realise eight million people is a lot of people and you just need a little space.

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Cutting shapes

Emily Hlavac Green_SH165

Shadows and their opposites in Shanghai, China.

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Under the ocean

Emily Hlavac Green_underwater5

I’ve recently moved to a spot by the beach where I’ve been exploring what the world looks like under water.

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Where California becomes Arizona


My first Oasis, sleeping under the stars in the Anza Borrego Desert and riding the golden waves in an ocean of sand beside the Salton Sea.

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